Sarvjeet Kaur is an 'A' Grade National Artist recognised by Central and State Governments for her more than 55 year contribution to Punjabi music and culture. Her contribution has been recognised both nationally as well as globally, in recognition whereof, she has been richly bestowed with various awards and fecilitations. She is a recipient of 'Sangeet Natak Academy Award' , (The Highest award in category of performing arts) from Hon'ble The President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi. Someof other numerous awards received by Sarvjeet Kaur are 'Devi Ahiliya State Award', Madhya Pradesh, 'Kala Shree Award' New Delhi, 'Punjabi Language Dept. Award', State Award from Punjab Govt on 550 birth annivesary celebration of Guru nanak Dev ji, Prof.Mohan Singh Award etc. Her illustrious career is built upon foundation of various memorable and widely acclaimed songs

Her chart-busting and one of immensely popular songs is ‘Koka'.This song is self composed by Sarvjeet Kaur and it was first recorded in the year 1983. Right since initiation, the song was an instant hit and caught the imagination of masses at large. Its popularity has only continued to grow over a span of decades and till this date, it continues to strike a chord with music lovers. The importance of this song in the life and career of Sarvjeet Kaur can be gauged from the fact that the song ‘Koka’ has rather become a recognition in itself. Both nationally and globally, she is often referred to as ‘Sarvjeet Kokewali’. 








Amit Sharma Productions

Amit Sharma Productions has been growing in standard and stature since its inception in the year 2000. A vision brought into reality by Amit Sharma who started his full time job for Moviebox label (U.K) looking after the Indian operations right from selecting lyrics to composing them and getting them recorded from various vocalists to cater to the Bhangra vocals and Punjabi vocals along with recording live session of bhangra music instruments need of Dj/music producers signed with the label, to buying overseas rights of music albums and getting new and old Punjabi music artists into contract deals with the company.